Korrosionsschutz mit Beschriftungsfeld en Here is an overview of our  2c hydro small  systems

  • Primer

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    article product name product description
    HEM 182 CHING-HYDRO-EP-primer Water based 2C-EP-primer with active corrosion protection for steel and swept, galvanized steel
    Film thickness: 60-80 µm
    HEM 152 CHING-HYDRO-EP-zinc dust-primer Water based 2C-EP-primer with ≥ 94 % zinc dust content [Zn (R)] for cathodic corrosion protection on blasted steel
    Film thickness: 60-80 µm
    HSDD 186 CHING-HYDRO-PUR-primer Low cross-linked, high impact-resistant, water based 2C-PUR-primer with active corrosion protection for steel, galvanized steel and non-ferrous metals, grey cast iron and cast aluminium
    Film thickness: 60-100 µm
  • Intermediate Coats

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    article product name product description
    HEM 33 CHING-HYDRO-EP-intermediate coating Water based 2C-EP-MICA-intermediate coating with barrier effect for passive corrosion protection
    Film thickness: 60-100 µm
    HSDD 37
    HSDD 33
    CHING-HYDRO-PUR-intermediate coating Low cross-linked, highly impact resistant, water based 2C-PUR-intermediate coating
    Optional: MICA-pigmenting
    Film thickness: 60-120 µm
  • Top Coats

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    article product name product description
    HAD 47
    HAD 43
    CHING-HYDRO-PUR-top coating Water based 2C-PUR-top coating with very high lightfastness and weather resistance
    Gloss level: matt to glossy
    Optional: MICA pigmenting
    Film thickness: 40 µm
    HSDD 47
    HSDD 43
    CHING-HYDRO-PUR-top coating Low-crosslinked, high impact resistant, water based 2C-PUR-top coating with high lightfastness and weather resistance, high flexibility and abrasion resistance
    Gloss level: matt to satin gloss
    Optional: MICA-pigmenting
    Film thickness: 60-80 µm

Overview binders

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AK alkyd resin ESI ethyl silicate resin PVC/AK polyvinyl chloride/alkyd resin-combination
AY acrylic resin PAS polyaspartic PVC/AY polyvinyl chloride/acrylic resin-combination
AK/AY alkyd resin/acrylic resin-combination PES polyester resin SI silicone resin
EP epoxy resin PUR polyurethane resin      
EPE epoxy resin ester PVB polyvinyl butyral resin