BASt mit Beschriftungsfeld enHere is an overview of our  1c hydro small  systems

  • Coatings according to sheet 91

    article product name product description
    CHING-HYDROVERSAL intermediate / top coating BAST approved, water based 1C-AY-iron mica intermediate or top coating with high resistance for galvanized steel structures in heavy duty corrosion protection according to TL/TP-KOR Steel Structures, Annex E - Sheet 91
    Special suitability for factory coating and initial coating and recoating of the entire object surface (on site)
    Film thickness: 120 µm

Overview binders

AK alkyd resin ESI ethyl silicate resin PVC/AK polyvinyl chloride/alkyd resin-combination
AY acrylic resin PAS polyaspartic PVC/AY polyvinyl chloride/acrylic resin-combination
AK/AY alkyd resin/acrylic resin-combination PES polyester resin SI silicone resin
EP epoxy resin PUR polyurethane resin      
EPE epoxy resin ester PVB polyvinyl butyral resin